Whispers of a Tyrant

Welcome to Ravengro
The first step of the Adventure (Path)

02/11/4711: Professor Lorrimor dies. This event triggers the involvement of the player characters in the Carrion Crown adventure path.

02/28/4711: Adrianna, Dr. Edward Keen, Sargon Wilson, Summer, and William of Torta arrive in Ravengro to attend the funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor and hear the reading of his will. As his final bequest, the late professor asks the group to stay in Ravengro for 30 days to help his daughter, Kendra. He also contracts the group to deliver some books to a pair of former colleagues in the town of Lepidstadt.

02/29/4711: A monument honoring the guards of the Harrowstone prison is desecrated. The group decides to do some research into the professor’s work by visiting the Apothecary, the Unfurling Scroll, and the temple of Pharasma. A false crypt in the Restlands is searched by the group and emptied of useful items.

03/01/4711: After finding out about the five notorious prisoners of the Harrowstone, the group decides to research them. They discover information about the Spaltterman and the Whispering Way. William begins to experience unsettling visions.

03/02/4711: The monument is desecrated again. Strange supernatural occurrences in Ravengro prompt a community meeting at the town hall. Panic ensues as a fire breaks out during the meeting. The party deals with the situation before any permanent damage is done. They are officially asked to investigate the Harrowstone prison by the Ravengro town council.

03/03/4711: The group decides to finish researching the area before braving the Harrowstone. All pertinent information regarding the prisoners, the Harrowstone, and the Whispering Way is discovered.

03/04/4711: The group heads out for the prison. They explore most of the ground floor but return to town before night sets in.

03/05/4711: The party discovers that Gibs is responsible for the damage done to the monument. After subduing him, the group notes that he shows signs of possession. They return to the Harrowstone and meet the ghost of Vesorianna, the warden’s wife. She sheds some light on the events of the prison’s destruction and how the ghosts of the five prisoners are struggling to break free. She also reveals that the professor was killed by the Whispering Way and that they stole the spirit of her husband.

03/06/4711: The group explores some of the dungeon level against the advice of Summer. The party is nearly defeated by the headless corpse of one of the prison’s former guards. They return to Ravengro to lick their wounds.

03/07/4711: The party returns to the Harrowstone and defeat the Mosswater Marauder.

03/08/4711: The group recovers the equipment of the prisoners. These cursed items help the party against these creatures. They return the Warden’s badge to Vesorianna and then proceed to defeat the Lopper and the Splatterman.

03/09/4711: The party vanquishes the Piper of Illmarsh and Father Charlatan which allows Vesorianna to permanently purge the Harrowstone of all haunts and spirits. Once this task is accomplished, Vesorianna thanks the group and is allowed to go on to her final rest. The party returns to a heroes welcome in Ravengro.

03/10/4711-03/22/4711: The group takes time to rest and enjoy the simple comforts of Ravengro. They spend time with Kendra Lorrimor and help her settle into her new life. During this time the group meets Orik Strongaxe, a friend of the professor’s who was unable to attend the funeral. After hearing of the professor’s murder and the foul deeds committed by the Whispering Way, he decides to join the group.

03/23/4711-03/29/4711: The party travels north to Lepidstadt. Along the way they help a group of carnival performers known as the Crooked Kin. They hear of the Beast of Lepidstadt and how it will soon be put on trial. The party arrives in Lepidstadt and deliver the professor’s books. They are hired by Judge Embreth Daramid to ensure that the Beast of Lepidstadt receives a fair trial.


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